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FCI Dog dance World Championship 2016 – Winner freestyle - Yvonne Belin and Alice (Switzerland)

Videos from Freestyle&HTM World Championship 2016 Moscow

Final ranking: 1st place, World Champion 2016! (category: Freestyle)

* Yvonne is also increasing awareness about Hemangiosarcoma in dogs with her nonprofit site www.aliceribbon.ch *

The FCI dog dance world championships 2016 took place in Moscow, Russia from 23 – 26 june 2016. The participants competed in two categories: freestyle and heelwork to music. This routine above was shown in the freestyle final, where only the ten best participants were competing.

A freestyle routine displays the dog and the handler in a creative, innovative and original way, using music and intricate movements to showcase teamwork, artistry, athleticism and style in interpreting the theme of the music.

Heelwork to music (HTM):
A HTM routine should be done with the dog and the handler in close proximity to each other throughout the routine. On all moves, the dog and handler team should move as one entity throughout the routine, displaying heelwork and creativity in the many positions and behaviors possible in HTM.

For more information about the FCI dog dance world championship 2016 see: http://wds2016.dogdance.ru

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