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Father u0026 Son Build their Dream Log Cabin in the Canadian Wilderness (FULL BUILD)

The Outsider

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We built this traditional cedar log cabin, mostly in our spare time! It's been a labor of love, with many challenges along the way, and we loved every minute of it! For years, it's been our dream to build our own cabin, but we grew tired of dreaming, and so we decided to make it happen. This is our journey... Thanks for joining us! :)

Cabin Build Playlist:

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Episode Timeline:
Logging: 0:00:23
Debarking: 0:03:40
Hauling & Seasoning: 0:05:20
Foundation: 0:06:25
Sill Logs: 0:09:35
Floor Joists: 0:11:08
Window & Door Frames: 0:14:43
Notching & Laying Courses: 0:23:50
Rigging & Lifting Logs: 0:36:46
Sponsor: 0:41:18
Slotting Header Logs: 0:42:27
Loft Joists: 0:46:43
Eave Logs: 0:49:49
Log Column: 0:53:11
King Posts: 0:56:33
Ridge Log: 0:59:26
Purlins: 1:05:13
Mortar Lath: 1:12:35
Rafters: 1:13:45
Roof Sheathing: 1:20:34
Dormers: 1:29:28
2nd Layer Roof Sheathing: 1:54:41
Underlayment: 1:55:54
Chimney Support Box: 2:01:36
Roof Insulation & Strapping: 2:04:35
Metal Roofing: 2:20:04
Gable Cladding: 2:33:48
Dormer Cladding: 2:41:45
Sanding the Logs: 2:49:41
Chinking: 2:52:22
Window & Door Trim: 2:53:57
Front Door: 2:58:48
Closing the Gables: 3:03:47

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