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Father and Daughter Surprise Wedding Dance

Eternal Echo Productions

Alycia and her father decided to surprise friends and family at her wedding reception in Windsor, Ontario with a choreographed dance number (1:12) that spanned through the decades for their father and daughter dance. Congratulations to Travis and Alycia!

Videography by Eternal Echo Productions.
We do not own any music featured within this video. Dad Daughter Dance turns into Insane Wedding Flash Mob! BEST surprise father daughter wedding dance to epic song mashup | Utah Wedding Videographer. Best Wedding Entrance - Harlem Shake. SURPRISE Father Daughter Wedding Dance!!!!!! Greatest Father/Daughter Wedding Dance...WOW. Best Surprise Wedding Dance Ever! EPIC Groomsmen Dance 2018. NFL Wedding Father Daughter wedding dance (coolest ever!!). Officers surprise bride during father-daughter dance. Emotional Wedding - Grandfather Surprises Bride with a Toast over the Phone (Wedding Video).

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