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Fastest Way To Build Muscle Naturally: Why Full Body Workouts Are FAR Better Than Splits!!!

Team 3D Alpha

The numbers speak for themselves. you will still grow from split routines, but not nearly as fast as FBWs. Also most studies on hyperplasia and animals involved high frequency.

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1 pick a muscle
2 pick an isolation or safe exercise for that muscle
3 train it every day for 30 days (ideally high reps & very short rest periods to minimize excessive muscle damage, recovery issues and injuries etc. using drop sets or rest pause etc, 5 min per session max, once or twice a day, no more than 5 sets per session).
4 at the end of the 30 days avoid stimulating that muscle for at LEAST 12 weeks. let it recover, adapt, and resensitize to training. You can train other body parts during this period but for optimal results I recommend not training at all for complete total body and CNS recovery etc.
5 after the break, return to your normal training program. the muscle will now grow much faster than it did before, once stimulated (mainly because it now has more nuclei and a better endurance/recovery profile). rinse and repeat with other body parts, or do an additional cycle with the same muscle if you wish.
PS: as with all programs, recovery and nutrition is everything. so if you're not gonna sleep, drink and eat well while doing this, don't waste your time and stay away.

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