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Family Hillside Mansion | Roblox Bloxburg | GamingwithV


#bloxburg #welcometobloxburg #roblox


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Info on this video

bedrooms: 6 bedrooms ( sleeps 8 people )
bathrooms: 7 bathrooms

this house includes a mini studio apartment in the basement and the prices along with ‘bedroom’ was included in the price along with the bedroom and bathroom count :)

value of home: $351,237

Game passes used on the home:
Multiple floors
larger plot
advanced placement

Time taken: 5.5 hours

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I recommend slowing down the video if you’re going to recreate this build :)


What do you use to film + edit?
I use QuickTime to film & Imovie to Edit :)

How do I join you in game?
I usually have my join on and you can join me if you follow me on roblox :) my user is: gamingwithvyt

Do you build for other people?
Unfortunately I do not. ♡

How do I rebuild this?
I highly recommend slowing down the video to make it easier to watch and to recreate the build at the same time :) I also recommend building the outline (birds eye view photo) first. ♡

How do I slow down a video?
click the three dots somewhere on the video and click “playback speed” and adjust to your liking. ♡

posted by Emulouscf