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Fake customer wants INSANE upgrades on his $60 mountain bike

Berm Peak

Today, a completely insane customer is going to walk into a bike shop with his $60 mountain bike, and ask the mechanic to install Sram AXS Wireless shifting, along with a host of custom made parts.

We placed hidden cameras all over the shop, and had the customer walk in with a GoPro on his backpack strap, made to look like it was off by disabling the screens, lights, and beeps. This is pretty normal in outdoor recreation areas, and the mechanic never even glances at it! Find out what happens in today's video.

Behind the Scenes

Wheels MFG
Thanks for supplying the bike, the upgrades, and the customizations! Wheels MFG is a great place to find derailleur hangers, bearings, presses, and framespecific parts in high quality

GoPro supplied five Hero10 Black cameras, which feature a "scheduled capture" function that allowed all the hidden cameras to start recording at once. We were also able to shut off beeps, screens, and lights in the menu to keep them candid.

Squatch Bikes & Brews
This is my favorite bike shop ever, and judging from this experience it's the best bike shop in America. It was hard to edit into the video, but Pat actually made new spacers for that hub and dished the wheel so that the cassette would have more frame clearance. He did all this to honor an absolutely ridiculous request that he thought was real.

Our actor did his job perfectly! @kristian_michels

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