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F4 Savannah Kittens - 4 months to 1 years old Transformation


Hey everyone, today is our cats 1st birthday! Yep, Jinx and Charm are 1 years old today! We wanted to share this special day by showing you all how much they've grown. We got them at 4 months old, and they're 1 now! They were so little when we first got them. We actually even thought Jinx was a girl at first!

Before getting them, this is a video we really would have liked to see. I really wanted to know what my kittens would end up looking like, and how big they would get. Our cats ended up getting not nearly as big as we thought they would. In fact, they are both around 10 pounds, which is smaller than an average cat, though they may grow a tiny bit more. Anyway, we hope this helps out someone else who is looking to get Savannahs and can't decide which generation to get!

We love them so much. They are so smart, beautiful, and affectionate. And they're a ton of entertainment with how crazy they are! Anyway, enjoy!

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posted by bastilleoq