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F-16 SIMULATOR frame by VIPER WING. That's how we do it!

Follow : building F-16, F-35 and other simulators!

VIPER WING ( ) born out of idea of providing READY, built and painted F-16 simulator frame with ACES ejection seat, for sell anywhere worldwide to your door. Something really not available anywhere. Built not in garage but by professional company operating with MDF for 30 years.

What is it exactly? The F-16 MDF Cockpit Simulator frame with the ACES seat replica (for cockpit builders looking for the frame to use it with whatever they like - switches or screens), together with metal glareshields and properly cut reflective HUD glass - professionaly produced with CNC machines, painted and assembled.
The cutouts may differ - it depends if you will use real switches or touch screens. You get it complete and professionally packed as well. Sides are nicely angled as in real F-16 and the back seat is molded from the real seat.

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