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🤖 Excel Macros u0026 VBA - Tutorial for Beginners

Kevin Stratvert

In this stepbystep overview, learn how you can eliminate repetitive and boring tasks in Microsoft Excel using something called macros and VBA, or Visual Basic for Applications. With macros, you can automate your work in Excel, which will help you save time and effort. Macros are an extremely powerful tool that will take your usage of Excel to the next level.

In this video, we'll start with how to:
• Record a basic macro
• How to run your macro
• How to test your macro
• How to access your macro in any spreadsheet
• And even how to add if statements and loops, and we'll look at multiple types of loops

Additional resources
Sample spreadsheet to follow along:!AmxrofZZlZwhM1lH...
Excel shortcut keys:

⌚ Timestamps
0:00 Introduction
0:55 What is a macro & when should you create one?
3:28 Record basic macro
6:47 Run your macro
9:55 Save macro enabled workbook
10:30 Open macro workbook
11:12 Absolute vs. relative references
13:18 Edit the VBA code that powers your macro
18:32 Turn on developer tab
19:32 Personal macro workbook for anywhere access
22:11 View VBA code while recording
24:02 If statement
26:57 For loop
30:50 Input box
33:00 Do while & do until loops
35:57 Bring it all together example
47:01 Combine macros into one
48:33 Turn off screen updating
49:23 No undo for macros
49:42 Wrap up

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