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Exact Instructions DIY Slime Challenge 2017 w/ Josh Darnit, Evancredible & JohnnaMazing. Fails? LOL?

Josh Darnit

The exact instructions challenge has gone way beyond peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, kids, LOL! JohnnaMazing & Evancredible try to teach me how to make DIY slime. Original vid: http://bit.ly/2pChgjA


Johnna's (Virtually) Un-troll-able Exact Instructions Slime Recipe:
1. Take a reasonably sized bowl and pour some (not too much not too little) PVA glue (Elmer's) into it.
2. Pour slightly less than the amount of glue that you added of water into the bowl with the glue.
3. Take a spoon or other mixing tool (not your finger, you need that free) and carefully (that means don't make a huge mess!) stir
4. Add one drop of whichever color of food coloring that you want to the bowl with the glue and water, if you want the color darker, add one more drop.
5. Carefully mix them all together with your mixing utensil until they are completely combined.
6. Carefully sprinkle a few (3-6 based on the amount of flue you have) pinches of baking soda into your bowl with the mixture of glue, water, and food coloring.
7. Carefully mix all of the ingredients with your mixing tool until they are completely combined.
8. Add little bits of contact lens solution, mixing in between drops.
9. Once the slime starts to stop sticking to the bowl and is sliding around while you mix, go in with one hand and knead the slime, still putting little bits of contact solution.
10. Add more contact lens solution to the slime and play with the slime until it is no longer sticky but is still stretchy.


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