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Everyone Believe This Guy Entered the 4th Dimension


Imagine you’re going on a hike with a few of your friends to the Grand Canyon. You’ve planned to spend the night, camp like boy scouts, and most importantly, have fun. As you’re on the trail towards your destination, your fastest buddy is a few hundred feet ahead. Suddenly, you see him tripping, and just as he’s about to hit the ground, he vanishes into thin air, right in front of your eyes.

What would you do? Would you trust your eyes, or think of it as a hallucination? That's exactly what happened to James Burne Worson 126 years ago. He simply vanished. Nobody could explain this incident using logic. His friends were in utter shock...

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Fateful challenge 0:44
When the unexpected happened 3:41
Why his friends were arrested 4:27
Did James enter the 4th dimension? 5:47
Or did he teleport? 6:20
And here’s where it gets really interesting 7:02

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James Burne Worson was a kind shoemaker who lived in Leamington, Warwickshire in England.
He enjoyed showing off from time to time; and he also loved challenging people into doing things for fun.
On September 3rd, 1873, he and a few of his friends were walking around town, talking and having a laugh. Suddenly, an idea flashed into James’ mind to play a game.
He decided to go on a match against nature. It was his strength and will against the odds of making it.
His friends decided to follow him. His challenger, whose name is still a mystery, got in the back of the cart wagon, alongside his two other buddies.
It seemed like James had tripped over something, and he was about to go down. As he was falling headlong forward, he let out a loud shriek and disappeared into thin air.
After spending some time trying to locate him without success, they began their journey back to Leamington.
The three men were taken into custody, and investigators began their interrogations to find out what happened.
Some theories say that James accidentally entered a 4th dimension, which made him disappear.
Another theory claimed that James had teleported. While he was running to get to his destination and win the challenge, he teleported to a different place; maybe even a different country.
The disappearance of James Worson was named “The Unfinished Race”, and it was published in 1888.
The writer of the story, was usually investigating strange happenings, which is what gained him recognition for his excellent journalism.
Ambrose Bierce, like James Worson, went missing, leaving no traces behind him.
Despite the abundance of crazy theories out there speculating what happened to the writer who disappeared into thin air, just like his literary character, James Burne Worson, one thing is sure: His fate remains a cloud of mystery.

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