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Every President's Favorite Food

Mr. Beat

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Mr. Beat goes through the favorite food of every American President in history.

Produced by Matt Beat. All images and video by Matt Beat, used under fair use guidelines, or found in the public domain. Music by @Electric Needle Room (Mr. Beat's band).

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0:00 Intro
0:50 George Washington
1:20 John Adams
1:37 Thomas Jefferson
2:05 James Madison
2:29 James Monroe
2:54 John Quincy Adams
3:11 Andrew Jackson
3:43 Martin Van Buren
4:02 William Henry Harrison
4:24 John Tyler
4:39 James Polk
4:57 Zachary Taylor
5:18 Millard Filmore
5:38 Franklin Pierce
5:52 James Buchanan
6:10 Abraham Lincoln
6:28 Andrew Johnson
6:44 Ulysses S. Grant
6:57 Rutherford Hayes
7:11 James Garfield
7:27 Chester Arthur
7:37 Grover Cleveland
7:58 Benjamin Harrison
8:19 William McKinley
8:55 Theodore Roosevelt
9:50 William Howard Taft
10:06 Woodrow Wilson
10:24 Warren Harding
10:42 Calvin Coolidge
11:26 Herbert Hoover
11:43 Franklin Delano Roosevelt
11:58 Harry Truman
12:20 Dwight D, Eisenhower
12:44 John F. Kennedy
13:01 Lyndon Johnson
13:22 Richard Nixon
13:39 Gerald Ford
13:51 Jimmy Carter
14:06 Ronald Reagan
14:41 George H.W. Bush
15:08 Bill Clinton
15:32 George W. Bush
15:54 Barack Obama
16:12 Donald Trump
16:33 Joe Biden
16:50 Outro
17:18 Nord Pass Sponsor

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