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Every Indian Restaurant Experience Ever

Lilly Singh

As a kid, I always used to witness adults wilding out at Indian restaurants. They’d be trying to get discounts, special treatment, and custom items. And you know what, it’s the reason I have 10/10 street smarts today. Wouldn’t change it for the world!

You know what goes great with naan? Nipples. Check out How Instagram Approves Nipples: https://youtu.be/c0WgW9F49sM

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Shoutouts to my cast:
Shay Ali as Manager
Vip Paruthi as Chef
Ashna Sharan as Aunty
Jeremy Culhane as Greg
Farah Merani as Niece
Satish Ullal as Bobby Uncle
Manish Maheshwari as Ricky Uncle
Chase Constantino as Sports Commentator
Ruben Trevino as Sports Analyst

posted by enseguime5