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Every First Lady in American History

Mr. Beat

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Mr. Beat goes through the accomplishments and legacies of every single First Lady in American history.

Produced by Matt Beat. All images and video by Matt Beat, used under fair use guidelines, or found in the public domain. Music by Joel Cummins, Andy Farag,  @NEFFEX  and  @Electric Needle Room  (Mr. Beat's band). A shout out to my first ladies for helping me make this one!

Sources/further reading:
A Companion to First Ladies by Katherine Sibley
The Presidents Fact Book by Roger Matuz

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0:00 Introduction
0:13 First Lady of the United States
2:25 Martha Washington (17891797)
2:47 Abigail Adams (17911801)
4:22 Elizabeth Monroe (18171825)
5:46 Emily Donelson
6:01 Petticoat affair
6:52 Abraham Van Buren
7:17 Anna Harrison (1841)
7:46 Letitia Tyler (18411842)
8:24 Julia Tyler
8:53 Sarah Polk
9:31 Margaret Taylor (18491850)
10:07 Abigail Fillmore (18501853)
11:00 Jane Pierce (18531857)
11:53 Harriet Lane (18571861)
12:29 Mary Todd Lincoln (18611865)
12:59 Eliza Johnson (18651869)
13:24 Julia Grant (18691877)
14:01 Lucy Hayes (18771881)
14:37 Lucretia Garfield (1881)
16:07 Rose Cleveland
17:28 Caroline Harrison (18891893)
18:05 Ida McKinley (18971901)
18:36 Edith Roosevelt (19011909)
19:16 Cecil Spring Rice
19:27 Helen Taft (19091913)
20:21 Ellen Wilson (19131914)
21:14 Edith Wilson (19151921)
22:22 Florence Harding (19211923)
23:02 Grace Coolidge (19231929)
23:34 Lou Hoover (19291933)
23:51 Eleanor Roosevelt (19331945)
25:21 Elizabeth Truman (19451953)
25:44 Mamie Eisenhower (19531961)
27:13 Claudia Johnson (19631969)
27:30 Pat Nixon
28:30 Betty Ford (19741977)
30:08 Barbara Bush (19891993)
31:38 Laura Bush (20012009)
32:08 Michelle Obama (20092017)
32:51 Melania Trump (20172021)

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