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EuroSTAR Software Testing Video: Ten Minute Test Plan with James Whittaker

EuroSTAR Software Testing Conference

This presentation focuses on James' work at Google, specifically on test plans, and was recorded in 2011 at a 'EuroSTAR Meet the Keynotes' evening in London. James has since made the move to Microsoft in the role of Partner Development Manager.

About James Whittaker:
James is an energetic and passionate software executive with substantial engineering, research, writing and speaking credentials. His background spans government, academia, a successful startup and leadership roles in top technology corporations. He's shipped major software titles at IBM, Microsoft and Google; he's published dozens of peerreviewed research papers and authored 5 awardwinning and bestselling technical books. He has won "bestof show" awards at conferences across the globe. James is well known for his visionary leadership and his passion for hard core engineering practices.

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