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Eureka Wall w/ Hazel and Alex

Side Trip Productions

In March 2015, Hazel Findlay and Alex Honnold visited Australia to climb at Mount Arapiles and The Grampians. We caught up with them, just a few days before their departure, at the awesome Eureka Wall in the Southern Grampians to hear about their trip and check out some new and old classics. Unfortunately, Hazel's shoulder injury prevented her from leading anything on the day but we look forward to her postsurgery return sometime in the future!

Climbs featured: Archimedes Principle, Pavlov's Dog, Pythagoras' Theorem.

Music track 'Psychotica' by Bootleg Rascal used with kind permission of the band. Please feel free to check out more of their work at bootlegrascal.com or on Spotify, Soundcloud, iTunes and Triple J Unearthed.

Produced and edited by Brett Williams.
Shot by Brett Williams and Eugene Perepletchikov.


There's a few names not mentioned in the credits but whom I'd like to thank: Chelsea Brunckhorst (chelseabrunckhorst.com/) who was originally going to conduct the interview and I'm sure would have done a much better job; Vertical Life Mag (verticallifemag.com.au/) for the feedback and promoting my work; Kent Paterson the first ascentionist of Pavlov's Dog and numerous other Gramps classics for the beta and putting up an amazing looking line; Adam Demmert, also for the beta and the photos; Andy Reid for looking after my gear for a few days and my wonderful wife Sarah for putting up with my backandforth trips to The Mount/Gramps and the always honest feedback in post. And of course big thanks to Alex and Hazel themselves for being good sports and Eug for the great camera work.

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