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Escaping Game Master Safe House with Mystery Gift Drop! (Announcement Date Reveal Overnight at 3am)

Rebecca Zamolo

▶ Last Game Master Escape Clue:
▶ New GM video to help us using the decoder!
▶ My Instagram for the Lunar Eclipse:

After Rebecca Zamolo spent 24 Hours inside a Game Master Bounce House (Who wins $10,000 & Matt Missing in Top Secret Hideout) and Matt and Rebecca were Trapped in Safe House by Rebecca Zamolo twin (Underground Tunnel and missing $10,000) they escape after finding hidden clues. I found my husband Matt (not brother) asleep with a mysterious note and a DNA sample of his hair. We received a an alert on our Apple Watch from the Game Master telling us to leave the safe house and used our ninja spy training for the GM network to escape through the underground tunnel and back to the cabin. The lock box was uncovered that I had hidden in case the Quadrant was spying while I left to the Safe House. M & R drove back to their Los Angeles Safe House but were surprised by a 5-digit number code inside when the came home. A quadrant ninja must have broke in and planted hidden surveillance. We read Zamfam spy squad comments on our laptop and it helped us solve the Game Master RZ twin disappearance. Was she teleporting? We explore where RZ twin disappeared and found ninja spy gadget glasses. The glasses had a tiny riddle in the living room and we realized the announcement date was for the Lunar Eclipse happening this Sunday. I’ll be watching it on my Instagram stories and need your help to solve any clues. We heard a drone in the air so we ran upstairs. A parachute landed on our roof with a box attached to it and it felt like a battle royale in real life. A message from the Game Master revealed he had sent it to help protect us from the quadrant ninja and we needed to do an unboxing. What do you think is inside and what are the plans for the event? Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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Vy Qwaint - TRAPPED in PROJECT ZORGO ABANDONED CAMPING TENT for 24 HOURS at 3AM (New Clues about Missing Tesla) -

Stephen Sharer - Testing PROJECT ZORGO CAMERA with GAME MASTER SPY GADGET MACHINE!! (Mystery Spy Location Found)

Chad Wild Clay | Project Zorgo Gadget for Spy Ninja Network (Vy Qwaint in Safe House Tunnel)

Everleigh and Savannah had no idea I was surprising them with this GIANT gift!

Carter Sharer | Final ROUND- Run on Water and Win $10,000

Find Rebecca Zamolo:
Twitter: Tik Tok: RebeccaZamolo
SnapChat: rebeccazamolo

12021 Wilshire Blvd number 714
Los Angeles, Ca 90025

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