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Epic Clown Battle


Epic Clown Battle

Dickie The Clown - Brian Lee
Honky The Clown - Matthew Sumner
Party Mom - Alena Koch
Honky’s Wife - Caitlin Dickens
Doctor Dre - DeQuan Jones
Dickie’s Mom - Kristi Nguyen
Honky’s Grown Up Son - Jackson Myres
Honky’s Son - Christian Shrewsbury

Party Cast:
Sarah Granger, Maxime Granger, Coraline Granger, Jessica Murphy Justice, Allison Justice, Michael Swanson, Finny Swanson, Traci Carter, Griffin Carter, Matthew Carter, Nate Kelley, Olivia Kelley, Tiffany Bailey, Mike Raper, Linda Sumner, Kristin Sumner, Haley Sumner, Wendy Shrewsbury, Christian Shrewsbury, Tammy Faucette, Lilly Faucette, Mike Beane, Jarod Kearney, Ted Nguyen, Rex Yau, Zack York, Jordon Schnader, Matthew “Beard” Williams

Written and Directed by Matthew Sumner

Original Concept by Matthew "Beard" Williams

Produced By Matthew Sumner and Blake Faucette

Cinematography by Blake Faucette

Drone Operator - Rex Yau

Edited by Matthew Sumner and Blake Faucette

Fight Choreography by Brian Lee and Matthew Sumner

Makeup Artist
Stephanie H. Schnader

Makeup Artist
Tiffany Bailey

Clown Consultant
Joseph Arthur Rudzinski

Cakes Provided By
Michael Swanson
Born and Bread Greensboro

Photography By
Todd Turner

Location Managers and Catering
Michael & Tracy Raper

BTS Photography
Ted Nguyen & Matthew “Beard” Williams

Production Assistants:
Tiffany Bailey, Ted Nguyen, Zack York, Jordon Schnader, Joseph Rudzinski, Jarod Kearney, Brandy Mason, Tammy Faucette, Mike Dickens, Mike Beane, Andrew Comstock & Oscar The Dog

“Carnival” by Gae47
“Cartoon Comedy” by VaanFomm
“Cartoon Action” by Dieron
“Cartoons” by FlameSound
“Fantasy Cartoon” by Sleepwvlker
“Cartoon” by Soundroll
“Carnival Dream” by KrazyKartoons
“Cartoon” by SilverHoof

Licensed at Audio Jungle

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