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Ep#3: Quarantine Part 3 - WE'RE FREE! (Well almost...)

Crusoe the Dachshund

In the 3rd and final installment of the #Quarantine diaries, the dogs are finally "free"! Well, almost, as you'll see.

In this video, the adorable little dachshunds Crusoe and Daphne are overjoyed to the idea of #reopening and so rush outside in pure excitement to run around the yard, not realizing that dogs were always allowed to go outside even during lockdowns and quarantine! But oh well.

They then decide they want to go into public to get some ice cream. But of course, they need their masks to go into public, and to practice physical distancing. So Daphne rushes to make some masks on the sewing machine for the family. Although, they don't turn out so good and turns out DAD is the one which has to sew!

Finally they make their masks and go get some ice cream, from a rather strange labrador dog ice cream server who eats all their ice cream.

At the end, Crusoe has some words about his surgery. Thanks for being a fan of Crusoe the dachshund and we appreciate your support and care for our little puppy...

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