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Ep 9: ANCHORDOG - Funny News Dog Video

Crusoe the Dachshund

Crusoe, aka Ron Chesnut is #ANCHORDOG for thr DoggoNews team with his adorable team of cute dogs in this video dog video news segment! The news team talks about some funny dog news that’s happening in the doggoworld, featuring Oakley as weatherman dog, and a corgi as field reporter, Dean the basset as interviewee basset hound, and even a pig as financial analyst. This team of cute #dachshunds, a corgi, a pig, and a basset hound make a great team of dog news video. Of course, this is a funny dog parody video of Anchorman the movie! Ron Chestnut is Rom Burgundy, in this #Anchorman parody of dogs!

posted by FamyPeecefh