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Ep #8: Crusoe u0026 Oakley ROB A BANK! - a Wiener Dog Bank Heist!

Crusoe the Dachshund

In episode 8, Crusoe and Oakley the mini #dachshunds decide to rob a bank to steal the Queen corgi's jeweled squeaky balls, as well piles of cash and gold! Hope you enjoy this exciting #BankHeist funny dog video!

It starts off with Crusoe and Oakley in the back of their van, planning their heist. The dogs then rush into the bank for a stickup, using a poop bag as a funny way to take control of the situation and demand the teller open the vault. The bank lobby scene was filmed at a Toyota Dealership in Georgetown, ON.

They go through to the vault, which is actually DIEFENBUNKER in Ottawa, a cold warera bunker and museum with an actual vault which was supposed to store gold reserves.

The dogs rush through the vault door into the safety deposit room, where they clear the boxes to find more jewels and cash, plus all the gold and money bags.

They make a daring escape through the ventilation system, just missing the cops who are hot on their trail.. Daphne the dachshund puppy is their adorable getaway driver, but alas, Oakley couldn't carry the loot so he left it all there. But he did steal something!...

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