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Ep 2 Lowchen Dog Swims in Paradise

Med Home

Cool, clear waters come off the Mediterranean Pyrenees mountains where we live and run down rivers that wind their way to the Med. This is our dog enjoying diving and swimming in one of these shady, watery paradises!

As you will see, his fur has been cut very short for the Summer. The temperatures here are often in the thirties (centigrade) during July and August and his energy levels drop correspondingly. He feels better with a Summer cut, but we try to walk him in shady areas to protect his skin, while his fur is very short.

He is a lowchen [Name of the breed in English] löwchen means 'little lion' in German. However, he was originally a rare French breed 'un chien petit lion', as he is called in French. These dogs feature on the old tapestries, such as the famous "la dame à la licorne" (the lady with the unicorn) which can be viewed in the Musée d'Orsay in Paris (But NOT on a Monday, when we went to see it! Everything is closed in Paris on a Monday!) The mission of these beautiful smallish dogs was to hide under the skirts of the knights' ladies to keep their feet warm and to attract fleas away from the ladies. [By the way, our dog does not have fleas.] He is bilingual, having been born in Toulouse and has a wonderful affectionate personality. He is often selected by wise French parents to introduce their children to dogs. The children always show a sense of wonder when they touch his very soft fur.

posted by Schwiesauft