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Ep 10. OAKLEY MAKES A RECIPE - What Could Go Wrong?!

Crusoe the Dachshund

Oakley the Dachshund is in the kitchen for his very first time as the funny talking dog chef as he does his best to prepare a recipe by Jamie Oliver, dogfashion of course!

The recipe is Jamie Oliver's tofu burger, which Oakley decides to add bacon to. But as he goes along preparing the recipe, things don't go exactly as one would think for a dog chef in the kitchen. Hence, a boot, lots of paws, and oh Worcestersquirrel sauce! Try saying that one 5 times fast!

Enjoy this cute and funny talking dog video of Oakley the Chef Dachshund!

Please also keep in mind, besides a few nibbles Oakley snuck in, we don't feed him human food. He eats a great diet of raw food, biologically appropriate for dogs.

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