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English Springer Spaniel Dog Breed Guide

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Is the #englishspringerspaniel dog breed the right one for you? Discover what they're really like to live with in this video profile of the breed featuring Heather Tissman who has owned #springerspaniel dogs for over 25 years.

Plus, top canine experts add their advice on health, grooming and behaviour issues associated with the breed. Heather owns six #springers. She has been breeding, training and working them now for just over 25 years. They’re working dogs/pets.

When you’re thinking about an English Springer Spaniel, you definitely want to be thinking that there are two strains. There’s the working type, which is bred for gundog work, and the show type which just get bred for the show ring. Both the working side and the show side need mental stimulation. It’s just that in the working side, you’ve got the supercharged version. A working Springer many not make the best pet. If you like the look of a Springer, maybe you ought to be thinking about the show side more.

They’re very full of it, they’re very mischievous. They’re an intelligent dog, and if they’re not occupied they find their own entertainment, and the way round that is exercise and training. They must be trained. All dogs need to be trained, but certainly a Springer Spaniel. They’re a working dog and they’re bred to do a job. If you don’t give them a job, they will go selfemployed, and a selfemployed Springer can destroy your kitchen in a day.

Energy levels are very high, they’re bred for stamina. They’re called Springers because when they’re working they’re springing up and down in the corn or on the grouse moor. And they can just go all day, and you bring them home at night and they can still go on. I’ve taken a lot of rescue dogs in, Spaniels, that people have bought them with young families, they haven’t had time to exercise them and they’ve literally gone bananas in the house.

The Springer Spaniel has a silky coat. This coat has a tendency to tangle. This is why the dog has to be brushed on a regular basis, at least three times a week. If you want to keep the coat in beautiful condition, it should be groomed by a professional groomer every four to six weeks.

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