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Mira y no mires: juego agresivo de adiestramiento de perros

K9 of Mine

The Engage / Disengage game is a reactive dog training exercise that encourages the dog to look at a trigger (aka engage with the trigger) and then disengage by looking away.

How Does It Work?
The disengage action is marked and rewarded with a treat. With this technique, the dog learns to break their focus on the trigger and receive a reward, working to countercondition nervous or fearful emotions surrounding the trigger. This dog reactivity training game is also commonly referred to as the "Look At This" (LAT) game.

How to Play the Engage / Disengage Game
00:27 Step 1: Let the Dog View the Trigger
00:46 Step 2: Teach the Dog to Disengage
00:57 Step 3: Mark & Reward
02:02 Step 4: Rinse & Repeat

03:19: Working on a Focus Command
04:26 Why Does This Exercise Help Reactive Dogs?
05:23 Troubleshooting With the Engage / Disengage Game
09:10 The Reactivity Trigger Tracker & Dog Journal

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