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[ENG SUB] Love is All 01 (Zhang Haowei Zhang Ruonan) My idol became my boyfriend

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❤ Love is All (Zhang Haowei, Zhang Ruonan) (2020)
Genres: Historical, Romance, Comedy, Suspense
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Plot summary:
A story about love and fighting for justice follows the quarrelsome pair of Tan Ling Yin and Tang Tian Yuan.
Tang Ling Yin is the quirky daughter of a wealthy family whose life becomes entangled with county magistrate Tang Tian Yuan. He is sought after by many for being handsome, wellmannered and having an impressive family background. The two start off on the wrong foot yet eventually join hands to solve a case

Tang Feilong / Tang Tianyuan Zhang Haowei
Tan Lingyin Zhang Ruonan
Duan Feng Dai Jianyao

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