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END GAME 11.4.6 Dolby Atmos Home Theater Tour PLUS a Few Surprises!


If you have ever wondered what an End Game Home Theater would look like, THIS IS IT! @Home Theater Gamer and I had the privilege to experience this phenomenal Home Theater that features a GORGEOUS image from Kaleidescape into a Sony VE5000ES projecting on a 206" Seymour Acoustic Transparent Screen, absolutely IMPRESSIVE sound from a 11.4.6 DIY Sound Group with (4) Stereo Integrity 24" subwoofers and 13 Valencia Theater Seats to comfortably fit your family and friends. A BIG thanks for @HomeTheaterGamer for the camera work!

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Mike's 11.4.6 Home Theater:
Projector Sony VE5000ES
Screen Seymour F190XS
LCR Titan 818s
Height & Surround Vortex 12s
Subs HS24s ported
Processor Emotiva RMC1 http://bit.ly/EmotivaRMC1
(2) Emotiva XPA7 http://bit.ly/EmotivaXPA7Gen3'>http://bit.ly/EmotivaXPA7Gen3
Emotiva XPADR3 http://bit.ly/Emotiva_XPADR3
(2) Crown XTI6002
Seating (13) Valencia Venice https://bit.ly/valencia_all'>https://bit.ly/valencia_all
Entry Door https://isostore.com/isodoorhdsound...

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Valencia Bespoke Series Theater Seats:
Tuscany Ultimate Luxury https://bit.ly/valenciatuscanyultim...

Valencia Cinema Series Theater Seats:
Venice https://bit.ly/valencia_venice
Budapest https://bit.ly/valencia_budapest
Piacenza https://bit.ly/valencia_piacenza
Piacenza Powered Headrest https://bit.ly/valencia_piacenza_powe...
Verona https://bit.ly/valencia_verona'>https://bit.ly/valencia_verona
Verona Powered Headrest https://bit.ly/valencia_verona'>https://bit.ly/valencia_verona

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Bern https://bit.ly/valencia_bern

All Valencia Seating https://bit.ly/valencia_all'>https://bit.ly/valencia_all


BasX Amplifiers
A2 (2ch amplifier) http://bit.ly/emotivabasxa2
A3 (3ch amplifier) http://bit.ly/emotivabasxa3
A4 (4ch amplifier) http://bit.ly/emotivabasxa4
A5 (5ch amplifier) http://bit.ly/emotivabasxa5
A7 (7ch amplifier) http://bit.ly/emotivabasxa7

More Emotiva Amps:
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XPA3 Gen3 http://bit.ly/EmotivaXPA3Gen3
XPA5 Gen3 http://bit.ly/Emotiva_XPA5_Gen3
XPA7 Gen3 http://bit.ly/EmotivaXPA7Gen3'>http://bit.ly/EmotivaXPA7Gen3
XPA9 Gen3 http://bit.ly/EmotivaXPA9Gen3
XPA11 http://bit.ly/Emotiva_Build_YourOwn_Amp
Emotiva BasX A500 http://bit.ly/EmotivaBasXA500


My 7.2.4 Dedicated Home Theater System:

(3) JTR Noesis 212HTR https://bit.ly/JTR_Noesis_212HTR
(4) Klipsch RS62ii http://amzn.to/2ET4R2w
(4) Klipsch CDT5800C II Atmos Speakers https://amzn.to/2P4PdEZ
(2) JTR Captivator RS2 Subwoofers https://bit.ly/jtrcaptivatorrs2

JVC DLANX7 Projector https://amzn.to/3imLm3l
150" Seymour Center Stage XD (2.35:1) AT Screen
Pioneer UDPLX500 http://bit.ly/2GwGZly

Marantz AV7706 11.2 Processor https://amzn.to/39PAg4i
Monolith 11X Amplifier https://amzn.to/2VB4CAg

GIK Acoustics https://bit.ly/GIKAcoustics1

Theater Seating:
Tuscany Ultimate Luxury https://bit.ly/valenciatuscanyultim...
Valencia Tuscany https://bit.ly/valencia_tuscany'>https://bit.ly/valencia_tuscany

Lutron Caseta with Hub https://amzn.to/2V1vp9n
CB Concept SMD5050 LED Lighting https://amzn.to/39LpmtG

Harmony Elite Remote with Harmony Hub https://amzn.to/326SnNT
XLR Cables https://amzn.to/3577Mk6
Orbi Wifi Router https://amzn.to/2V227rh
Sewell Banana Plugs https://amzn.to/2wu1Y5J
14 gauge Speaker Wire https://amzn.to/2HGf1mJ


My Home Theater Photos & Videos:
Theater Room Video Tour https://youtu.be/9rQxNd1Lf38
Custom Cabinet Build Thread https://imgur.com/gallery/Ly3SMdU
7.2.4 Dolby Atmos Build Thread https://goo.gl/YShhGf
High Res Photos https://imgur.com/gallery/Z2YE8vK

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