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Emergency Chute - Epik Birthday Skydive


Went skydiving on my birthday for the 3rd time. The chute became tangled but the canopy opened. We spent about a minute trying to untangle before ultimately having to cut away and pull the emergency chute. Caught the whole thing on my GoPro mounted to my wrist. First time SKYDIVING! Cool Skydive Parachute Landings in Australia. SC Skydiving 2nd Annual BOOGIE 2018. Jackass - Sky dive without a parachute. Jason blacked out skydiving. 'SKYDIVING' Cut away with sky hook. Skydive Dubai!! i went skydiving today!!!!!!! Happy Birthday to Me!! Most freaked out tandem student I have seen in years!! my first tandem skydiving experience, and first emergency as well. Tandem cutaway.

posted by mmmmkaezv