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Ellie Explorer Learns About MAMMALS REPTILES and MORE! | COMPILATION | My Animal Learning Adventure

Ellie Explorer - WildBrain

Ellie Explorer Learns About MAMMALS, REPTILES and MORE! | COMPILATION | My Animal Learning Adventure
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Hey friends, I’m Elli Explorer! Join me each week as we explore the world and learn about animals and their habitats. We dive into the open waters and discover a animals such as Whales and Sharks. We also climb our way through the Amazon rain forrest in search of Insects, Monkeys and Birds. We tackle the plains of Africa as we go in search for Lions, Elephants and more! Lastly, we also visit some of your favourite zoo's, farms and animals shelters home to some of the most adorable puppies and kittens.

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SUBSCRIBE http://bit.ly/2hTRrGR'>http://bit.ly/2hTRrGR

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