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Ellen Deciphers Her Audience's Seating Choices


A study shows the seat you choose on an airplane says a lot about your personality, so Ellen decided to take that same science and apply it to the people in her audience. Ellen Introduces 'Hunk Tac Toe'. Ellen in Steve Harvey's Ear. Nicki Minaj Shocks Deserving College Students by Helping Pay Off Their Loans. Ellen Shocks Jeannie With a Huge Surprise. Ellen Surprises an Amazing Family from Philadelphia. Ellen Looks Back at Her Favorite LOL Moments. Ellen Meets Viral Pregnancy Test Couple Jahann & Charles Stewart. Ellen Looks for the Mystery Celebrity Hiding in Her Audience. Kris Jenner Interviews Ellen to Be Her Assistant. Ellen Revisits Favorite Moments with Her Kid Guests.

posted by austranklt