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Elders React To New Rock Idols & It's Awesome


Our parents and grand-parents must have been true fans of rock music when they were younger. ACDC, Metallica, Scorpions, Led Zeppelin - your elder relatives are probably familiar with these names. But the history of rock music is going on, and today another rock idols have appeared on the stage. Unfortunately, far not all the "inveterate" rock fans welcome them, for they don't seem to like their appearance, their performances or even their sinning manner (take growling for example). So how would they react to listening such a band as... Slipknot, for example? The band has stated that his main influences include Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Slayer, Judas Priest, Korn, AC / DC, Kiss and Beastie Boys, so is there a single chance that our mums and dads will like their songs? Let's watch together!

posted by afwikkelg5