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Elderly man making sure his dog won't get wet

Rock me, Joey Santiago.

very wholesome stuff.

This video was taken on Philippines, Davao City - Agdao Market and this footage was taken by Alilee Shalom Galilee, much love. Dog Days of Summer Coolest Dogs of 2018 | Funny Pet Videos. Funny Dog Tweets Every Dog Owner Should See ASAP. He Raised Gorilla, 6 Years Later, It Meets His Wife – Despite Warnings She Walks Too Close. FUNNY DOGS + WATER = You LAUGH (Funny DOG VIDEOS compilation). Golden Retriever Dog Knows The Struggles Of Being An Older Sibling | The Dodo. Little Dog Given Months To Live Proves Everyone Wrong | The Dodo. Bet you havent't LAUGHED THAT HARD before! - Super FUNNY CATS. Loyal German Shepherd Helps Family With The Chores: SUPERPOWER DOGS. Dog Unwraps Puppy For Christmas Present. Newly Adopted ‘Kitten’ Begins Changing Rapidly Before Her Family Uncovers A Bewildering Twist.

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