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EEVblog 1439 - Analysing Veritasium's Electricity Misconceptions Video


Dave analyses Veritasium's video "The Big Misconception About Electricity" and how energy flows in the Poynting vector in the electromagnetic field OUTSIDE the wire instead of inside the wire.
Extra notes on simulation:

00:00 Veritasium's video "The Big Misconception About Electricity"
00:32 Rection to the points in the video
01:11 This is a bit MISLEADING!
02:28 Electron drift
03:51 Engineers use different tools and theorems
04:27 Every electrical engineer knows this
05:17 Everything he says is correct
08:24 What is current?
09:30 He doesn't address this in the video. Poynting vectors at DC
11:12 How the lightbulb works
12:41 At the physics level, it's correct
14:11 My only problem with this is...
15:08 Is it just an academic discussion?
16:17 The undersea cable is just early transmission line theory
17:20 So what is the answer to the question?
22:06 What about skin effect and DC?
25:44 Let's simulate this and answer the question
29:18 Transient analysis
33:00 DC Steady State analysis
34:28 The quantitative values don't matter
38:25 But what about DC steady state?
40:24 What does Richard Feynman think?


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posted by darkludr8