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Echa Soemantri You're Amazing!

Joshua Crawford

Drummer Reaction #freedomsJazzFESTIVAL 2015 Echa Soemantri
Original video
Twitter: @echasoemantri
IG: @echasoemantr

My Setup,
15" A Custom Crash
20" ZBT Ride Can't Find This Anywhere.
16" Dark Thin K Crash
14" A Custom High Hats
Stack Setup
16" IRIN cymbal
17" HHx Sabian Cymbal Cracked LOL
My Drum Mics
The Mic Bundle
Drum Heads Snare Remo clear PS3 Or I Would Also Recomend The Remo PS3 Colortone

Toms aquarian force ten 10",12",14"
Also Remo Emperor Coated 10" 12" 14"
Kick Drum Head Remo Powerstroke 4 Clear

Recording gear
Mac Desktop
Tascam us 1800 USB Interface
ProFX 8V2 Mixer

Yamaha TH945B YESS Mount Tom Holder
Yamaha HXACII Hexrack Accessory Clamp
Yamaha CSAT924AW Parallel Multiclamp
Pearl TwoWay LArm & Floor Tom Leg Adapter
Yamaha HW780 5Piece Hardware Pack
Yamaha Cymbal Pad Attachment with Clamp Straight
Yamaha Medium Boom Cymbal Holder 12"
Roland Hydraulic Saddle Drum Throne Velours Top Soft Foam It's The Closest One That I Could Find That Almost The Same As Mine.
Tama HP600DTW Iron Cobra 600 Double Bass Drum Pedal
My Snare Is A 14x 7 Custom Snare Made By JJ Drums
Drumdots Drumdots Mini Drum Dampeners 6pack
Aquarian Drumheads duraDOT Drumhead Tone Modifiers 4.5" and 5.5"
Aquarian Drumheads Bass Drum Kick Pad Double

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