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Easy DIY STOCK TANK POOL on our RV Oasis

A Little Bit Unhitched

00:00 Intro
00:18 Meet Freddie...or maybe Bob?
1:30 Picking up our stock tank
3:03 How to prevent rusting of your stock tank
3:44 Level your site
4:04 Landscape how you choose!
4:58 Attach your filter pump
6:21 How to drill your holes for the filter pump
8:57 We couldn't find an outlet strainer...our quick fix!
11:00 How we built our bar!
12:42 Build a step
13:35 Finish the day strong

We've seen a lot of really great stock tank pool out there and trust us when we say ours isn't the fanciest stock tank pool but it's definitely one of the easiest and most cost effective. We also had a ton of fun with the project! Adding a stock tank pool to our RV oasis has made these South Carolina summers just a bit more bearable. Join us as we show you how we made our stock tank pool, the necessary steps you will need to make yours, and how you can make it simple yet extremely functional.

Stock Tank Parts:
Intel C2500 Above Ground Pool Filter Pump:
Intel Above Ground Pool Plunger:
Intel 10 Foot Round Pool Cover:
Intel Inlet Replacement Kit:
Chlorine Float:

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