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Dumpster Diving 25 (Dumpsters Have Feelings Too You Know)

Mike The Scavenger

Howdy everybody and thanks for tuning in for my treasure hunting adventures. I try to keep to content hot and fresh and post videos weekly.
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About Scavenger:
I absolutely love scavenging for free stuff, random treasures, lost valuables and other interesting artifacts. Join me on my epic voyages!

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Hey everybody! Y'all got to go check this out! An author by the name of Rob Burton wrote a shorty story about a dumpster diver and built his character up form Scrap Vulture's and my videos. Really good stuff here.

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In a nutshell, I ‘m an avid dumpster diver as well as certified master scuba diver; I prowl the city streets in the wee hours of the mornings in search of dumpster loot and scrap metal as well as scour the river bottoms for lost valuables during the summer months. I plan on doing some magnet fishing and metal detecting in the near future soon so stay tuned. I promise not to disappoint. Dumpster Diving 7 (Found Moon Cheese!). Dumpster Diving 32 (Slide Projector & $$$ in Electronic Componenents!). Dumpster Diving 29 (Battery Haul With Scrap Yard Run). Trash Picking Dumpster Diving Action. Garbage Day Picker - What's in the Trash? AMAZING DAY OF DUMPSTER DIVING! STAPLES DUMPSTER IS LOADED!!! THIS IS HOW WE SOLD OUR DUMPSTER DIVE FINDS. Dumpster Diving Phone Store! Found Beats, IPhone 7, and More Phones? BED BATH & BEYOND LEFT US *15 FULL BAGS! IN THEIR DUMPSTER! MASSIVE HAUL! Dumpster Diving for Groceries, Freeganism and Extreme Frugality, Eating Well for Less!

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