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Dual SVS SB-16 Ultra Subwoofers Unboxing and Initial Impressions


Dual SVS SB16 Ultra Subwoofers Unboxing and Initial Impressions. In this video, we will do an unboxing of a pair of SVS SB16 Ultra Subwoofers as well as provide my initial impressions even before getting the sub setup and calibrated. So far, I am EXTREMELY excited about the SB16 Ultra's. They look fantastic and the build quality appears to be exceptional.

"Full Track" and "Summer Pop" Music by

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Products Mentioned in the Video:
SVS SB16 Ultra Subwoofer

Recommended Subwoofer Accessories:
SVS Subwoofer Cable
MediaBridge Subwofer Cable
Digital SPL Meter
miniDSP UMIK1 Calibration Microphone

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Klipsch R115SW 15" Subwoofer

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SVS PB16 Ultra Ported Subwoofer
SVS SB16 Ultra Sealed Subwoofer

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SVS Prime Center
SVS PB4000 Subwoofer
SVS Prime Elevation Atmos

My 7.2 Dedicated Home Theater System:

(3) Klipsch LaScalas
(4) Klipsch RS62ii
(4) RSW15 Subwoofers

Panasonic AE8000u Projector
150" Seymour Center Stage XD Cinescope (2.35:1) Acoustic Transparent Screen

Onkyo TXNR5008

Harmony One
DIY Acoustic Panels
CB Concept SMD5050 LED Lighting

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