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Dragon Knight II [ドラゴンナイト2] Game Sample -- PC Engine CD


Original Air Date: August 21st, 2009

This is one of three videos for Dragon Knight II, which is part of a series of Eroge RPG or "Hentai RPGs", some more different that others. The introduction was edited to only keep the relevent portions. It's largely uneventful and boring, so if you're not interested, I'd skip both and watch this instead.

As far as these games go, it was a fairly popular but fairly unremarkable series that was kept almost entirely in Japan. However, one game in the series was released in the U.S. in English known as "Knights of Xentar" (which is based on the Japanese Dragon Knight III, which is arguably the best in the series). It was released with two versions. The first was the regular DOS game and the second was the game reinvented on a CD with nearly everything being fully voiced in English and slightly more graphic, although buying a copy is rare these days as the CD game was released in very limited quantities and a good complete copy can go for about $100.

This game is more or less a pretty ordinary dungeon crawler that's rather basic. In this game, you play as Takeru Yamato, a young adventurer who just seems to want a warm bed and a hot babe, but always finds himself getting swept up in matters of grave importance. On his travels, he wanders into the land of Strawberry Fields, which is ordinarily a pleasant place with beautiful women abound, but it has been swept by an evil curse which hasn't terrified the land for 300 years. An evil sorceress named Mesaanya has cast a spell causing all the women to leave town and become monsters and possessed folk who do her bidding. Takeru is asked to help the girls, to which he agrees mainly because he feels the women will be VERY grateful for being rescued.

There are a few dungeons in the game and you have to save the women and find slips of ancient paper that will ultimately help you break Mesaanya's curse. You are later accompanied by a few allies (Baan and Sofia, only one with magic) and can buy a limited assortment of weapons and armor in the town of Phoenix. You can meet up with women you save in town and be "rewarded" with nice scenes, though they are censored, which makes me wonder about the relevance of this game. Given how basic everything is, the clear focus of this game was the women, but the game is largely censored compared to other games and ports in the series, so that's like taking out the main redeeming quality to this game.

It's not all bad though. The game is very straightforward and the dungeons are pretty easy to navigate thanks to a useful map and the visuals are more polished, but I'd rather play the PC (or in this case, MSX) rendition of this game or better games within the dungeon-crawler category in general. This game will basically have you hitting the attack command just to defeat many enemies in very frequent random encounters looking for a fat rat, some old guys, a hag, and a piece of paper to get PG-13 cutscenes from a game that was originally intended to be for a more mature audience. You don't just take that major element and water it down and don't improve the other aspects and say it will compete with other RPGs of the era... it's not something I would've done anyway.

Anyhoo, the battles in this game are pretty easy after a certain point and then the game starts to kinda go downhill from there as you explore huge dungeons with little payoff and end up getting bored very quickly as the dungeons don't change much in design and the puzzles are mostly the same throughout. Enjoy.

Basic Format: Super CD-Rom² (Super CD-Rom2)

posted by badnjaka34