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Don't Put Your iPhone X Inside Giant Bear Trap!!


So I bought a #16 Bear Trap and put an iPhone X in it to see what would happen... The results were... SPECTACTULAR! This thing is huge and heavy ad was coming out of the box when it arrived. Love it, but now I'm not sure what to do with it lol. Glowing 1000 Degree iPhone 7 vs Coke, Fireworks, and more! Most Durable iPhone X Cases Drop Test! Top 12. Can Oobleck Protect an iPhone 7 from a Sledgehammer? (Non-Newtonian Fluid!). Can Flaming iPhone 6s Survive 100 FT Drop into Kiddie Pool of Water? - GizmoSlip. Dropping iPhone X Into Glory Hole - What Will Happen? How Many iPhone X's to Save You From Bullet?! iPhone X Bowling Ball Bend Test!! Xbox One X Extreme Drop Test with $1900 Samsung Parachute!! Will it survive?! Black Friday Special! Can iPhone 7 Survive 1 Gallon Gasoline Explosion? (WARNING: Epic Explosion!). Don't Put Your New iPad in a Bear Trap!

posted by enquissarih