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You Won't Believe This Is In Italy 4k

Bashir Abu Shakra

Before 2 years, I decided to make one of the biggest films i've ever made alone, and even during my studies in the university in Munich, exactly in mountains of Italy. This was the hardest challenge i've made in my life, since i decided to cover most of the mountains, known and unknown, which can take 2 years of going back and forth. That's not counting the hundreds of hours i've hiked/climbed to get to these views and with all my camera gear. Most of the time i had to camp there, just to be alone in the shot, or to get the sunrise.
I had many disappointments throughout the whole journey, sometimes i had to repeat the same climb 2 or 3 times in 4 days in a row, just to get the epic weather, or because it was raining, Monte Pelmo for example, which i climbed 3 times in a row in 3 days, and many others.
In this film i decided to choose a music, which can fit the breathtaking views i've filmed, and express my feelings very well.
In this film i want to deliver a message, what a one person can achieve alone, if he believes in himself and keep going after his goals..

I'm not sponsored or supported financially by anyone. I'm trying to make my passion as full job by traveling and showing you the beauty of this world with inspirational films.
You can help me take a step further into making new films in new countries around the world by donating, only if you feel the desire and ability to do so, don't feel your forced to do it:

Music by the one and only: Hans Zimmer - Time.
Instagram: bashir_abushakra
Facebook: Bashir Abu Shakra

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