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πŸ„ Dollar Tree Wood Milk CrateπŸ„

Design & DIYs with Indira

Dollar Tree Wood Milk Crate

Hi everyone, welcome back! I hope you enjoy watching this diy where I show you how I made a wooden milk crate using Dollar Tree items.

In this tutorial I use five 8x10 stretch canvas frames, but if you want a larger crate, you can always use larger frames. I also use the 'natural' side of the canvas I removed from one of the frames to make the sign for the milk crate, but you can also use the wood letters from Dollar Tree, or even stencil directly onto the wood.

I chose to leave the wood unpainted, but you can totally customize this project by painting it or distressing it. You can also use different glassware instead of the milk bottles. There are so many ways you can make this project to your taste and decor!

Also, instead of using the fairy doors, you can use the glass from a regular 8x10 picture frame and insert it between the canvas frames. You could then use it as a bottom to have something to set your glasses on, and to give it a wooden look, you could cover it with contact paper.

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Thank you for joining me today and I look forward to seeing you all in my next video. Take care, everyone!

posted by Stoszycegw