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Dogs Think Santa is Intruder! Funny Dogs Maymo Potpie u0026 Penny Holiday Battle w/Santa Claus


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Watch Funny Dogs Maymo, Penny and Potpie Battle Intruder Santa on Christmas! The three cute dogs are woken up from their holiday slumber by strange noises coming from the living room, and when they investigate to see what's making all the racket, they are surprised to find a stranger lurking in their home, putting boxes underneath their Christmas Tree! Funny Dog Maymo and his beagle compatriots react in only the way any protective dog would they jump on the intruder and knock him over. Cute dog Maymo even swats the old man with a giant candy cane, and Penny throws a gift at him, knocking him onto the floor. When the dogs finally let up, Santa Claus begins to open presents and gifts for the beagles, and everyone's holiday gets a whole lot better!

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"Sneaky Fingers" by T. Morri
"Tyroler Festival" by Trabant 33
"This Christmas" by The Noel

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