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Dogs: Field Spaniel Breed Information And Personality


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The Field Spaniel is closely related to the Cocker Spaniel and the English Springer Spaniel. The three breeds were originally separated primarily by size. With a weight range of 35 to 50 pounds,

the Field Spaniel is larger than the Cocker but smaller than the Springer. In addition to hunting, he competes in field trials and uses his excellent nose in tracking tests. This is an uncommon breed, but if you’re looking for a solid hunter as well as a family companion, the Field Spaniel is one to consider.

The Field Spaniel has the typical Spaniel traits of sensitivity, affection toward his family, and willingness to learn. With strangers, he is reserved, even shy if not well socialized, but his owners will experience a lighthearted, mischievous side. He can be vocal when inspired by sirens or music.

His medium size and docile nature can make him a good choice for families with children. He also gets along with pets such as cats if he’s raised with them. Pet birds may want to keep an eye on their tailfeathers, however. Even if you don’t hunt, the Field Spaniel will take every opportunity to flush feathered game and do his best to go after it. Unless you’re in a trafficfree area, keep him on leash or you’ll lose him to the chase.

The Field Spaniel is a dog who needs a job. He’s not the type to lie around snacking on dog biscuits all day. Give him a daily onleash walk of at least an hour, take him to safe, trafficfree areas where he can run off leash, and sign him up for dog sports such as agility, obedience, rally, and tracking.

The Field Spaniel has a soft temperament and will wilt under a harsh training regime. To get the best out of him, use positive reinforcement techniques such as praise, play, and food rewards.

Brush and comb the Field Spaniel’s mediumlength feathered coat once or twice a week to prevent or remove mats and tangles. You’ll also need to trim the hair between the footpads and inside the ears. A bath every six weeks or so doesn’t go amiss. In addition, trim the nails as needed, brush the teeth, and keep the ears clean and dry to prevent infections.

Last but not least, it should go without saying that a peopleloving dog like the Field Spaniel needs to live in the house.

Other Quick Facts
The Field Spaniel is a little bigger than the English Cocker and a little smaller than the English Springer.
The Field Spaniel’s slightly wavy, thick coat can be black, liver, golden liver, roan, or any of those colors with tan points.

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