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Dogs: Dandie Dinmont Terrier Breed Information And Personality


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Despite being the "gentleman" of the Terrier group because of his calm demeanor, the Dandie is all Terrier when the opportunity presents itself.

Any opportunity to chase prey such as rats or squirrels brings out his inner earthdog nature, and he can be aggressive toward dogs he doesn’t know. With his family, he is affectionate and comical, but strangers will be greeted with dignified reserve.

The Dandie has several characteristics that give him a unique look: his long, low body; a large head with a silky topknot; a "scimitar" tail, which looks like a sword curving upward; and coat colors described as "pepper" (dark bluish black to light silvery gray with a silvery white topknot and ear feathering and tan legs and feet) and "mustard" (reddish brown to pale fawn with a creamy white topknot and ear feathering and legs and feet that are darker than the topknot). His average size of 18 to 24 pounds makes him suited to most homes, including apartments and condos.

The Dandie’s moderate activity level calls for a long daily walk or active playtime in a safe, trafficfree area. Once that need is satisfied, he will be happy to lie by your side or follow you around as you do your daily activities. His alert nature makes him an excellent watchdog and he will sound the alarm at the approach of friend or foe. As a bonus, he’ll rid your home and yard of any mice, rats, or other rodents that take up residence.

Train the Dandie with firmness, fairness, and consistency, plus lots of positive reinforcement in the form of praise, play, and food rewards. Dandies are quieter than the average terrier, but any terrier can become a nuisance barker if left unchecked. Teach your Dandie when it’s okay to exercise his vocal cords and when he should be quiet.

Dandie Dinmont Terriers are generally good with children if they are raised with them. Always supervise dogs and children to prevent any misbehavior on the part of either party. Dandies who live with cats from puppyhood can get along with them nicely, but outdoor cats are on their own.

Confine the Dandie Dinmont to your yard with a solid fence. An underground electronic fence will not deter him if he sees something he wants to chase. Be aware that terriers are also diggers. Give your Dandie a place of his own to dig or be ready for him to relandscape your yard on a regular basis.

Other Quick Facts:
The Dandie Dinmont coat sheds little and must be combed twice a week to prevent or remove mats and tangles.
A peopleloving dog like the Dandie Dinmont Terrier needs to live in the house.

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