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Dogs 101 - SCHIPPERKE - Top Dog Facts About the SCHIPPERKE

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Dogs 101 SCHIPPERKE Top Dog Facts About the SCHIPPERKE

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With a very humble origin, the Schipperke began as the pet of merchants and middle class families who wanted a small guard dog and a rodent hunter. In the XIX century, the breed was so popular in central Belgium that it was recognized as a national dog, but it was not until 1885 that it get real interest in all social classes, after being adopted by Queen María Enriqueta. Shortly after, the first Schipperke arrives in America, winning a large number of loyal fans.

Time for some Ruff Trivia:
The Schipperke was the first breed to participate in one of the first dog shows. Could you guess where and when it was held?

o A: 1987 in California, USA
o B: 1690 in Bruselas
o C: 1875 in Germany

What do you think, give it your best guess in the comments below before we get to the answer! Hang on tight and we’ll get back to this Ruff Trivia Question toward the end of the video.

Even if they’re a very small breed, the Schipperke is a very agile, strong and active guardian dog that can reach up to 13 inches and weigh 12 to 16 pounds. With a unique appearance, this dog is robust and muscular with a black fur, dense and very thick. The nose is black, the eyes are dark brown, small, and almond shaped, standing out for its mischievous, intense and penetrating expression.

Grooming: Despite its bright and shiny black fur, the Schipperke is a type of dog that doesn’t need a very special care; In general, a regular brushing once or twice a week is just enough, It’s also necessary to pay frequent attention to his eyes, teeth, ears, feet and nails.
Temperament: Even if they have an independent and very stubborn personality, the Schipperke is, without a doubt, a brave and loyal friend. Full of energy, this dog is usually very active, affectionate, curious and playful. His hunter soul will always keep him alert and his high sense of protection makes him the best guardian for his human family.
Training: Due to their energy, this type of breeds needs varied and constant activities and teaching exercises. The training should be fair but very firm, always trying to maintain the dog's attention. The Schipperke likes challenges, and their owners must have, at least, a level of energy and imagination similar to theirs dogs.
Health: Diseases such as hip and knee dysplasia, distiquiasis, cataracts, progressive atrophy of the retina, entropion, epilepsy, LeggCalvéPerhes disease, are not frequent, but some Schipperke dogs had suffered some of them.
Independent but charming, the Schipperke has a unique personality, full of energy, vitality and, above all, a lot of love for its owners, which is why they have become increasingly popular in many countries around the world.

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