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DOG KILLERS! - TOP 5 WORLD'S DEADLIEST DOGS - Caucasian Ovcharka Kangal Malinois Rottweiler....

Animal Watch

Animal Watch has filmed deadly and lethal dogs, but which ones make the Top 5 of all time (according to us) Watch and see if the ones you think have made the Top 5 and find out why they did. Some behind the scenes info to why they did from Anneka's personal experiences.

Caucasian Ovcharka episode:

Turkish Kangal episode:

Rottweiler episode:

Boerboel episode:

Dutch Shepherd:

Malinois Episode:

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Presented By Anneka Svenska

Filmed by Ellen Hope Cobb and Dominic Houghton.

Additional Footage from:

Edited by Ellen Hope Cobb

A GreenWorldTV Production


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