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Dog Aggression Training - Randy's Case

Heaven Sent K-9

This video represents one of the most challenging cases I've worked with. At the time of this video Randy is a 8 months old Shiba Inu with sever behavioral issues such as, food aggression, handler aggression and animal aggression specially with dogs and cats.

A according to Randy's parents his aggressive tendencies started when Randy was 6 months old, he first bit his dad, as seen in the video at the dining table while they were eating food.
since then Randy's aggression had gotten worst even with their attempt of hiring two trainers to address his problems but the trainers were not able to successfully eliminate the aggression.

when I met Randy I saw how tense he was to any touch and observed his reactiveness and aggression first hand through our first initial consultation.
praising Randy was extremely difficult due to his reaction to being touched.

The result you see is after two weeks of board and training. Although there is still more work to be done, I'm very pleased with the outcome.

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posted by Prototyp3j