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Dog Aggression and Positive ONLY Training - Robert Cabral Dog Training Video

Robert Cabral

Dog aggression is a very primal characteristic in dogs and where it stems from is often feral in nature. In this video (filmed during a Bound Angels University training) I discuss the flaw of using positive only training and how it fails dogs who are in escalated prey drive and aggression drives. It is the drives that is the focus. The result of the drive can lead to aggression or just plain disobedience.

There are countless dog trainers who will lie and say that aggressive dogs can be retrained using positive only methods, but they are selling you a bill of goods. I have worked with countless aggressive dogs in animal shelters nationwide as well as protection dogs and personal dogs. Positive only training is limited in what it will do for certain dogs.

The primal defensive drive of a dog will never be trained with positive only dog training. That is not to say I don't believe in positive training or reward based training in fact I love it... But it has its place and if we are to be fair to dogs we must understand what the dog needs, not what feels good to us.

This lecture should shed a lot of light on the topic. It covers much of the dog's drives and talks about using positive reinforcements in obedience and the need for fair corrections on dogs for being disobedient.

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posted by DymnSmeklynetud