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DOCS: There's A Polar Bear In My Pool!


DOCS: There's A Polar Bear In My Pool!
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WHILE most people would be terrified to find a bear in their backyard there are others who couldn’t live without it. Three such characters will be featured in a brand new Barcroft Original Documentary, ‘There’s a Polar Bear in My Pool,’ about those who live with the world’s largest land predators. From a family who train the huge animals for the movies to a couple of surfing cubs, this exclusive documentary will show exactly what it is like to have a bear in your back yard.

Amazingly, in Canada’s British Columbia, bear trainer Marc Dumas swims and wrestles with an 800lb polar bear named Aggy. But not all of the pet bears are quite so fearsome – take Carl Bovard’s two baby bears Bruiser and Honey who love nothing more than to swim and surf in the garden of his Florida home. Meanwhile, Johnny Welde and his family raise and wrestle 13 of the huge mammals from their Florida home with some weighing a staggering 900lbs and standing at 8ft tall.

Producer: Nick Johnson
Editor: Ian Philips

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