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DOCS: The Boy Who Can't Forget

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Can you remember what you were doing on 15th March 2003? Or what the weather was like on 30th May 2007? Twenty-year-old British student Aurelien can. He is one of just a handful of people in the world who are baffling scientists with their ability to recall an incredible amount of their lives. Some claim they can remember every day as if it were yesterday. Now Aurelien is the first Briton to go public with this extraordinary talent. Is it an elaborate trick or some sort of obsessive compulsive behaviour or perhaps the result of physical differences in their brains? Aurelien is put to the test by eight time world memory champion, Dominic O'Brien, and examined by memory expert Professor Giuliana Mazzoni. This remarkable documentary explores the recently discovered phenomenon known as superior autobiographical memory. It will look into the theories of scientists trying to unravel the mystery in the UK and US, and the lives of the seemingly ordinary people who appear to have an extraordinary power we had no idea humans could possess.

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